32" Indoor Sanitizer&Temperature Detection Kiosk(Against COVID-19)

      This XT32IEVLD4755 model is our new indoor kiosk which is against COVID-19.
      Combined with professional industrial control and advanced multimedia technology, Eyes has launched a new generation of hands sanitizer&temperature detection kiosk with digital signage. Disinfection + advertisment, the emergence of this product not only to bring you economic benefits, but also to protect your staff and customers, it is your best choice!

      Built in Sensor Hands Sanitizer against COVID-19 

      Against COVID-19, starting with protecting hands.Protect your
      health from nuance by avoiding contact


                                                                                                                            Temperature Detection Device Built in

      If your temperature is higher than normal level it will alarm so that
      it can protect your staff and customers.

      Built in Android System 

      This unit is based on Rockchip RK3288 chip,which CPU
      frequency is up to 1.8GHZ and quad-core architecture
      Cortex-A17 and DDR3 2G memory and 32G eMMC memory.
      Camera,printer, scanner and IC card reader Option


                                                                                                                                       Time ON/Off 

      The auto power ON/OFF setting allows to make display
      schedules every day and extends the unit抯 lifetime.

      Support 24/7 Operation 

      The long-life LCD panel has high reliability and stability to
      ensure the system runnin continously in the whole year.

      Energy-saving with LED backlight

      The   LCD  panel  with LED back light has  lower  power
      consumption so that it can help to save massive energy
      throughout the whole year.


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