75"Fashionable Indoor Double Sided Kiosk with 1000nits(4K Resolution)

      75" Fashionable Indoor Double Sided Kiosk with Camera is being produced.

      Ultra High Definition

      4K resolution and wide view angles let your files 
      be display 
      more beautifully and clearly.


                                                                                                                                 Smart Management&Configuration via RS232

      Remote  management allows  the user  to control and adjust

      the display remotely via RS232 protocol.Therefore,a multiple
      display  control , helping various  displays to be easily and
      simultaneously  operated  on PC, is possible  with the  RS232

      Smart Temperature Control

      The mute fans will work  when  the unit is up to the given
      temperature . The  function  ensures  the  display  24/7


                                                                                                                                                     Time ON/Off 

      The auto power ON/OFF setting allows to make display
      schedules every day and extends the unit’s lifetime.

      Support 24/7 Operation 

      The long-life LCD panel has high reliability and stability to
      ensure the system runnin continously in the whole year.

      Energy-saving with LED backlight

      The   LCD  panel  with LED back light has  lower  power
      consumption so that it can help to save massive energy
      throughout the whole year.


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